I am a Graduate with an Associate's Degree and I want to...
become a Child Care Center Lead Teacher

A Child Care Center Lead Teacher is directly responsible for the care and education of children and must provide developmentally appropriate early childhood education and ensure a safe learning environment. The Lead Teacher must demonstrate competency to observe and assess children's development, plan children's curriculum based on child development knowledge, design the learning environment, implement and supervise developmentally appropriate learning activities, build positive relationships with children, plan guidance strategies for children,  involve parents, and honor differences. View DEL Licensing site for more information: http://www.del.wa.gov/laws/rules/licensing.aspx


Must meet the following qualifications:

  • 18 years of age
  • register with the Department of Early Learning MERIT system
  • have a verified high school diploma or equivalent
  • have completed Child Care Basics

Educational Pathways

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